NEW! mixing and mastering touchdown - 1.09.03 bammm a new tutorial for that cats that mentioned this site's lack of new stuff!!

finding your style - 3.01.02 this is about finding your style and how to improve your voice and delivery.
tips on freestyling - 3.01.02 let the name speak for itself
mixing 101 - 3.01.02 what are my secrets?? well you may be suprised
backup vocal tips & mixing - 3.02.02 ahh yes... the ever so neglected back up vocals.
voice warm-ups - 3.02.02 how to warm your voice up right before thrashing it!
shopping your demo - 3.02.02 very usefull information on getting a record deal, or making an a&r's trash can more colorful!
distorted vocals FAQ - 3.02.02 everyone staring at you in your car cuz it sounds like you have a mega-phone in your ass? here's some help.
live performances - 3.04.02 don't crash and burn on stage!
what people want - 3.04.02 what do these people want from you?
lyrical content - rappin like a preschooler?? here's some writing tips.
mixing 101 pt2 - 3.05.02 focusing on EQing and finalizing your acapella
breath control tips - 3.06.02 get the real pleasure with the use of your diaphram! hehe >;)
How to use Cool Edit Pro 1.2a - rapmusic.com's cool edit pro tutorial. the most easily explained.
importing stuff from hardware - 3.06.02 its really not as hard as everyone makes it seem. read this!
newbies need direction? - 3.07.02 originally posted by da caeser
improving your flow - 3.08.02 get your ass on beat yo!
mixing 101 pt3 - 3.10.02 yay! more presets for yall! haha, definitly cool shit here.
rhymes defined - 3.11.02 having trouble grasping the concept of rhyming? here's a tutorial, i know, perfect timing (posted by the_g_p2001 on rm.com)(lol i know its cheesy! stfu)
flow structure - 3.11.02 yo help yourself and read this tutorial about flow structure!(posted by the_g_p2001 on rm.com)
mixing pt4 - 3.19.02 get t-racks, you can thank me later!
beat mixing 101 - 5.30.02 by popular demand, people kept requesting me for it, now lets see if your brain can handle my manly 21 inch sword of knowlege

there are plenty more to come!


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