breath control - 3.05.02

::lights up a cigarette:: ahh -- how do you hold you breath while rapping? it is something that is tough to do but seldomly thought of untill you begin rapping. well i am here to explain to you 1.) how to breath 2.) how to breath correctly 3.) excersizes for breath control. now you know how to breath, it is an involentary reaction that you don't have to think about doing, but can you rap 4 lines without taking a breath, or without cutting off words for a breath? prolly not. but i am here to help. alot of people say its a natural thing and yadda yadda. well it is a natural thing, you are born with it, but you lose it as you get older, ever wonder how babies can yell so long untill having to take a breath? prolly not, but they are born with the knowlage to do that as an involentary reaction. see if you have a baby around you, next time he cries watch him do it for a while. watch his stomach, see how it inflates so much while he is breathing in?

well truth is he is using his diaghram to breathe. not his lungs. wtf does a baby need a diaghram for? you dumbass.... lol not that diaghram, the muscle around your belly moving will you breathe.

if you learn how to control your diaghram just right you can go for a long time without having to gasp for air. think of it like this - when you push on a mattress (inhale alot of air before a long line) and just let go and take your hand off it is just gonna jump up just as quick as you pushed it down (meaning taking in alot of air before a long line doesn't mean you gonna have a breath long enuff to make it through the line). no suppose you push on the matress again (taking in a deep breath) but instead of letting it go quick, you slowly release it. that is how it should be done. when you take in a deep breath do so that your diaghram expands... but instead of letting it out quickly while you are spittin, just slowly let it out, control it and keep it flexed. like try this, listen to a song you spit a while ago where you had to cut the track off cuz you didn't have enough breath. then try holding your stomach during that part and rap through it. i bet you make it! that is how i figured out how i got better with my breath control.

but when you breathe take in this tip (tip from mack10souljah on pretend you have a tube around just above your waist and breath, and try to make that imaginary tube expand. even the backside should expand. if you don't get this to expand try leaning over so you are almost touching you toes, and put your hands around the back of your waist and take a breath, after a while it will expand. its not like a big secret or nothing, it is just that you forgot how to breath like that throughout your childhood.

also breath through your nose and mouth at the same time, it may be hard to do, but just keep trying and you will do it. this is like putting a large air intake on your car allowing more air to come in more quickly.

it is all in that muscle above your waist! not your lungs!

and a good way to see if you are beginning to improve (won't really do much to help, but it won't hurt) is to put a peice of paper on the wall and blow on it and see how long you can hold it up without it falling.

hope i helped you lung beaten bastards! hehe oh yeah and another good way to help ease up on the breath control so much is read my tutorial about warming up.



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