newbies need direction? (posted by da caeser)- 3.05.02

You Lookin’ For Beats?
Go To >

If you don’t wanna browse thru all them artist pages, I recommend:

- Rock It Productions < All kind of high quality beats. From battle to emotional beats.

- Rockwise < A lot of tight battle beats.

- WMS Productions < Tight high quality commercial based beats.

- Eternity < Tight mellow/emotional beats.

- Deacon The Villain < Very tight underground based beats.

You Lookin’ For Recording Software (Cool Edit, Sound Forge, Fruity Loops etc)?
Download Kazaa or Morpheus and download of there. Don’t ask for it here in the forum. This also goes for cracks and serials. If you want someone to hook you up with it, e-mail him/her about it!!!

You Lookin’ For Mastering Tips and Tricks?
Go To > or or or just type in at Home recording Tips

You Need To Know How To Work With Cool Edit Pro?
Go To >

You Lookin’ For Hardware Equipment (Mics and/or MPC’s) And The Prices?
Go To >

You Don’t Know What You Should Start With?
For decent quality you need at least:
- A dynamic/condenser mic. I recommend the Shure SM 58 (the most popular mic). (condenser's are better but expensive)
- A pre-amplifier or mixer. Search at for a nice one.
- A decent soundcard. Delta 44, Delta 66 or Soundblaster Live 5.1.
- A good set of monitors.
- A set of decent headphones.

- A pop-filter for the mic.
- A mic-stand.

Lookin’ For Samples and Drum Kits?
Go To > (Ghetalion) or (Ray Digga)

Lookin’ For A Free MP3 Hosting Site? < A large audience, but slow approval. < Instant approval, but crashin’ a lot. < Also for RealPlayer audio’s, but limited storage of mp3’s. < Quick approval, but not so large audience.

This was just to help newbies...but also the vets around here who are sick of the same old questions. If anyone knows another typical question that needs to be on the it and i'll edit the post. ONE...P's.



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