finding your style 3.01.02

yeah its true. some people just can't seem to find they style. which may sound like a stupid question, but it is something that haunted me for months. i mean you got all your lyrics, you got your flow. so why the hell do you sound so different on every track. shit maybe you like i was and sounded diff every punch-in.

well i'll tell you a story, bout how i found my steez.

one day i was recording, testing out different styles. switching my voice up to however it would sound good. and the day before i had called into work. which i prolly shouldn't have done, especially with how much of an asshole of a boss i had. anywayz. i'm rappin on a verse. and all the sudden the phone rings. guess who? my boss, he told me not to come back to work. and we got into it pretty deep. we started yelling back and forth. i mean i had this job for damn near 2 and a half years. i wasn't about to just let it go to some new asshole that didn't know what he was doing. so we just got mad into it. so a few f-u's later he hangs up on me. and if any of yall have ever lost a job that you actually enjoy doing it is very nerve racking. so i'm all flustered and shit. and i picked up the mic and started flowin my verse. and bam, there was my style right there. i had this pissed off tone in my voice. i was practically yelling.

so in conclusion of that story i found my style. and ever since then i got a pissed voice. i think it honestly takes an emotional instance to find your style if you ain't found it already. some cats are born with it. but to the less lucky of us we have to find it.

so how can you improve your voice? i would say to wait for an emotional time in your life to spit. whatever it may be. try spittin when you get pissed, when you are happy as shit, whenever. finding your voice is inevatable.

ways to improve your voice are all inside your delivery. delivery is how you express your words. and how you say things. it sets the mood off in your voice. when i listen to a track i can tell if someone is comfortable spittin with what they got.

i say the ways to best improve your delivery are these:

when you do everyday things, (while you rap, talk on the phone, shit talk to yourself..) try to overexagerate the things your saying. like when you get to a point you want to emphasize on change the tone of your voice. just listen to a rap before, compared to say... mystical. notice how he changes up his voice tone alot. i'm not saying bite mystical's steez, but just take notes on how he is changing the tone of his voice. when you rap people don't wanna hear something monotone. they wanna be able to hear your emotion as if they were watching you talk. its like body language with your voice.

at every rhyme you got, punch it a little more. i mean by punching like old school rap. how at the end of every rhyme they would almost yell it. i'm not saying do old school. but just listen to how they emphasize on every rhymed word. it will help you be a little more clear and understandable.

and work on your flow... i will have a tutorial up for this soon. but your flow and delivery have alot in common as in complimenting each other.

get comfortable with the mic. if you are uncomfortable with people being around you while you rap. then tell em to get the hell out. and you do your thing. just come cocky. imagine you are the illest rapper on the face of the planet, ain't no one touching you. this will help you change the tone in your voice alot!

see the thing that people have with finding they steez is they think that when other cats rap that is how they talk normally. which isn't true whatsoever. there are years of practice behind the most popular voices you hear today. i gurantee no cat got a record deal from rapping with out particular practice on they delivery.



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