voice warm-ups - 3.02.02

ever lost your voice after spittin consistantly all day? ain't that a bitch? well i figured out some warm-ups that help me from certain problems like voice crackling, losing voice, stressed vocal chords, and sloppy pronouciation. here i hope to help you, and it will make a huge difference if you follow correctly.

first i clear out my voice. hack a couple loogies. but don't be too rough on your throat, if you can get a loogie out, that is good.

then i make a pot of coffee and indulge in sweet mother natures very own method of liquid crank. this helps sooth my vocal box. and prep it for warm-up. if you don't like coffee i recommend hot chocolate, but more on the watery side. don't get too much syrup in your throat. even drink some warm water, this would prolly be your best bet.

next i do some humming. just kinda hum in a low voice, and slowly rise to high. and don't stress out your breathing to much either. just take it slow and relax. and if you don't feel comfortable doing this step, go outside and do it, or get in your car, or somewhere where you think ain't no one gonna bust you out. just do basic humming, don't get all into it and fancy just hmmmmmmmmmmm going up the scale, then take a breath and come back down the scale. i'd say do this for about 2-5 mins.

while doing that simultaniously go into a zzzz sound, this vibrates your adam's apple a little more and helps warming up the muscles on it.

then i try to get cottonmouth. you don't want this at a concert, but it is helpful recording in a studio. the coffee usually takes care of it for me, but i know most of yall cats got other methods of getting cottonmouth ;)

next, i inhale and exhale concentrating on my diaphragm. i saw an awesome tip on rm.com where some cat said to pretend you have a tube around just underneath your ribcage. and try to get your back to expand on the inhale. and i hold my diaphragm and exhale through my lungs, down to my stomach. slowly.

and then i'm ready to rip shit. but be soft on your voice. take good care of it, but this should keep you away from any vocal damage.

(some information on here was used from www.voicelesson.com)



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