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this is the biography of sagz and sos. written by sagz.

"everyone's gotta start somewhere". i know i've heard that before, and i know yall have too. in 1998 i would start a hobby that would somehow develop into something that through the years would cause headaches, cost money, and most important, gain respect. at the age of 16 i began writing poems. and soon began to discover that i had a talent for rhyming words and creating rhyme patterns. i began to get into what he was doin, always asking people to tell me what they thought of it. i would take any critizism i could get. shit i would've asked a dislexic person to read my shit and ask what they thought. i never had the guts to actually stand up and rap one of my verses. shit i had bad stage fright, peeps would always say "i don't feel like reading it, just rap it" i was like f-u. lol. but i kept working at it, i would write and write and write untill i had a mad hand cramp. till one day i was on aol, and some cat asked if anyone wanted to text battle, i was like fuggit, what do i gotta lose? haha. so i stepped up, and it was actually a close call, i held my own. till one day some cat said we should post on rapmusic.com. lol i was like aiight.

shit as soon as i got on that board, nuthing but heaven. peeps just like me was posting mad rhymes and shit. so i started posting, and got some criticizm from cats that actually knew and felt was i was saying. shit i was happy as hell. then i met mike skeelz, his name at the time was v-eight or some shit like that. and we started a text cru called "roamin legion". lol those were the days. man we got mad popular with text. cats were aiming me and him everyday asking to join, or sending props. haha i was mad happy. but then mike skeelz wanted to quit the cru after bout a month, and offered to just give me the cru. lol so i turned it down, cuz i didn't think i could handle all the responsibility. i mean that cat was goin through some shit. so i told him no.

so a couple weaks later i was with my girlfriend (pookie). and we was at her cousin's house. and all the sudden her cousin (now known as sos) said he wrote a verse to a lil troy beat. i was like whaa? cuz here in omaha there ain't many cats that rap. so i was like yeah right muh fugga. lol so he spit me his rhyme, and it was soon to be prolly his most famous verse. the realest shit just popped right out of his mouth. i was in shock. i mean he kept on beat and everything. so i thought fuck if he can do it i should be able, with about a year under my belt with writing.

needless to say i had no flow, so sos helped me out and that verse soon came to be my first "onbeat" verse. and shit after that, it was smooth sailing.

our first song was called "bitch you". i made the beat on fruity loops. and damn to this day people still ask us to redo that song, and put it on the cd. haha. it was about some cat named venom. blah blah, but it was on point and shit.

then me and sos went into mad work with our shit. deciding to make a full cd. we got through all the songs within prolly bout a month, so it was a rushed cd, but i felt like i had got this big pressure off my back. i think sos was the main attraction on that cd. he has always had charisma in his voice. but with our clashing ego's we always got into fights and shit.

man we was breakin up realife left and right, lol untill one day he had said he wrote a song for his solo he wanted me to collab on. i took up on the offer. and with enough said here we are today.

we still getting in fights and shit. but i think every group does. we keep everything level headed, and i think its all working out for the best. we are looking for a record deal, and working on our second cd. it will have complete studio quality. and we are going to distribute locally as well as shop around with it. so wish us luck, and i'll be damn suprised if anyone read this. i didn't really go into detail as much as i wish i would have. but then again. i doubt yall gonna read it.






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