what people want 3.04.02

what do these damn people want. you get the one person saying you shit is hot, and the next you got someone (hater) saying your booty. well it simply put you can't please everyone. but there are some ways to please both audiences.

first, i want to you forget you even rap. forget you do. then listen to your shit. don't hype up like usual, just listen to it. then, compare it to your fav rapper that gave you the most inspiration. compare lyrical content, back up vocals, hooks, all that. then do a review of what you think of your music like it was someone else's. if you like me you think your music is the best and so forth. but you gotta get outta that to help yourself.

now truth is, people wanna hear something catchy and something that on the drive home they will be humming it in their head all day. they don't want a long chorus that is tough to memorize. like take in for example one of our old choruses done nearly 2 years ago:

"you can't stop this shit you better step aside// its sagz and sos these realife boys are down to ride// if you want some complications we can step outside// but if its more than lyrical i'll rip out your insides"

not very simple. there is to many words. now when you do your chorus you may feel obligated to almost rap a whole nother verse. but it will take days even weeks for the average person to memorize. now this is a chorus out of a more recent song done about 5 months ago:

"i'm a disease// do you have any idea just how deadly lyrical content can be?// i'm a disease// so cock your guns watch your back for you get snatched and end up disceased."

a repetative sequence of words is perfect. the "i'm a disease" part is easy to remember. it is simple. and the rest they can learn over time, they may even listen more and more and sooner or later be able to rap the whole song. and that is what you want, something that will stick with em. just a simple simple chorus that can be easily understandable and said.

this is probably why tha mainstream artist are so hated by underground. because they are very catchy. they plot it out, so the average person will think it is catchy and hum it all day in their head. they almost thrive to hear that song. where as the underground, yes has songs like these, but focuses more on lyrical abilities. and if your lucky you can benifit from both.

people always want something different. something charismatic, and something that will stick with em. a good example is how brittany spears (i know i know, bitch sucks lol but it is just an example) went from the teen sweet heart with shit lucky, down to the dirtier more slutty shit like i'm a slave, with a more club hiphop beat with it.

you gotta put yourself in the listener's shoes. you think he/she is really listening to every word in the verses? fuck no. they are listening to the beat and chorus. thats it. and if they like those 2 they will then proceed to open up more and hear the lyrics. rappers like eminem have that charisma though, that will wanna make you listen to every word he says. which if you can capture that reaction then i would tell you your set. but more than likely they only wanna hear a phat beat with simple melodies, and a simple chorus.

i am not telling you to change your steez or nuffin. but if you wanna make moves, you can't be so one dimensional. you gotta realize, people want a commercial sound, maybe rappers like you and me don't, but who's gonna be the majority of your cd sales. the people. not every underground rapper on rapmusic.com. you wanna focus on the people around you.

they also want someone that doesn't shun them off. if they tell you they are a fan of your music, they want more. yadda yadda, give em something too promote you, maybe a cd with your most recent shit on it, just to give em a hint of whats to come. and thank them very much for the props. don't be like, aww you just another dickrider, cuz chances are he is gonna be pissed and could fuck up your rep. never underestimate the average person.

the internet is a good way to improve. but i think if you want to get exposure on the net, don't fuck with rap sites and all that, cuz everyone has they own opinion, and they are all out for yours like you, and it is like a million car pile up, and you ain't gonna get through to promote your shit.

but bottomline is, you can keep your music at your personal level, but first look at other critiques, and put yourself in the listeners shoes. open your eyes.



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