plugins -

aipl warmtone - this is a plugin to bring up the bass in your voice and help it mesh with the beat a little better. i don't really like this personally. but like you know i keep it simple with mixing. you may like it though. this is a shareware version.

antares mic modeler - this is supposed to be able to shift one sound of a mic to completly different mic. i think this plugin is as well as garbage. but people seem to like it. this is a 10 day trial version.

cakewalk sonar syntax tells me this is an ill app, i'll have to check it out.

list of plugins - this is a humungous list of DX and VST plugins there are some good ones there. all kinds of goodies.

recording software -

cool edit pro - this is the most user friendly program you can find on the computer, has an endless amount of multitrack tracks. good effects, awesome editing visual, and by far is my favorite, people seem to wanna wonder away from this program after they've figured it all out but i think this is the best to stick with. this is a 30 day demo.

n-Track - i haven't messed with this, but seems pretty cool. i've hear alot of cool feedback from it. is a 40 day trial period.

cubase - this is one confusing, yet awesome program. i messed with this for about 2 months and started getting the hang of it and it is very powerful. if you are looking for something professional. this is it.

there are all kinds of different editing software. i'd say your best bet is to look around on sonicspot.com.

mp3 search engines -

morpheus - awesome search engine, this one prolly resembles napster the most. you can score alot of cool shit on this one. but it is hard to find someone with a good connection. but i'd say this is your first bet on mp3 search engines.

winmx - this is prolly my fav for music. it has alotta cool shit on it. if it ain't on morpheus it is on this badboy. plus it tells if a certain download is in que and connection speed. a really cool program.

and there are alot more mp3 search engines. just do your research, but these are my main two.and if you are looking for warez or cracks, get on those, and don't bother bitching cuz i didn't put none up on the page, cuz i ain't trying to ruin it for tha rest of yall.

edonkey 2000 - this was recommended to me, and is said to have the best software, cracks, and all that good shit along the way. i haven't used it yet, but after i write this i am mos def d/ling it. sounds very awesome.

*if you have any ideas or suggestions on d/l's im me at: SagzDaWhitey. or contact me.


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