improving your flow 3.08.02

aiight yall i got a dentist appt in about an hour and a half, so i'm gonna have to kinda rush this lol, i gotta get my damned wisdom teeth pulled ERRRR!

i've heard alot of people ask,(and i know it sounds stupid) whats your flow? what do you mean flow? lol and the best way i can tell them is how you say your syllables over a rhythm. and honestly thats what it is. it is hard really describing how to flow without me personally being by your side and telling you what to fix and which words to change around but here goes nothing.

the first notes you should jot is that your flow and your delivery go hand in hand. they really do. and i've noticed that alot of cats that rap off beat are really sluggish sounding with they delivery. so after you take my tips on improving your flow i recommend (after you practice) to start working on your delivery. the delivery will really help the points in your flow come out that should stand out a lil bit.

now i ain't gonna sit here and explain how to flow and what measurments are. so imma state it like this if you ain't on-beat then there is one of two problems -- 1.) you forcing to many words at a time - 2.) you didn't put time nor effort into your shit. but i know some ways you can fix all of this mess and make it sound fluid like jay-z.

first step is when you got a good punch or a line you like, and you can't seem to match it up with the beat, try expirementing, take out a word or two, add a word or two, just see where everything sets ya. cuz alot of the problem is that you trying to put to many syllables into one line, and i know you wanna get as visual and graphic as you can, but i'm sure you can compinsate.

next is freestyle. people seem to come a lil more on beat when they freestyle, cuz they gotta get a feel for the rhythm right away, as in writing you already got your lines ready and you just try to crunch em all in at once.

next i would recommend this tip that i do to this day on some flows. is while you are listening to a beat, mumble out the rhythm, just say some jibberish, and get it how you wanna sound. this will give you the basic idea of the outline on your flow. then keep that rhythm in your head and start adding words to it. that has helped alotta people that have asked me about improving they flow. and on my fast speedy bone-type flow that is what i do.

thing you gotta remember is that 3/4 promoters, producers, and all them important peeps is listening to is your flow. (out of my experience with shopping around and talking to people) i ask them what they target the most and they said how well the rapper flows over a beat. but that is out of my experience.

so you gotta sound good cuz alot of your listeners want a good solid flow as well. and i hope i helped, cuz it is 1:00pm and i gotta get ready to leave for my death appt. i mean dentist appt. yikes.




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