this site is intended to help the emcee with tutorials from finding your style, all the way down to how to master your audio and certain techniques used by other artist. this site is run by sagz and i intend to help the novice, to the master with techniques i've used along the way.

i will not provide warez, for the simple fact that i don't wanna ruin it for the rest of yall by getting this site tooken down. so don't aim for warez either cuz you gonna get blocked with the quickness. if you want cracks i can point you in the right direction. and you may aim me at: SagzDaWhitey.

if you have any questions whatsoever you may hit me up: realife_sagz_402@yahoo.com

- sagz


mp3 *fixed*

well last time i updated this site was more then a year ago... and i'm still getting hits, unbelievable, good to know it still is helping cats. be sure you check out my music page http://sagz.dmusic.com. 0ne-sagz


added a new mixing tutorial that has to deal with compression and t-racks mastering, very professional techniques. both sagz and sos are in the process of signing 1 of 2 things, and it all depends really at this point, but either a "maxi single" deal, which would consist of four songs and be distributed nationwide and we would be doing shows in las vegas, florida, cali, and pretty much all over usa. or we talked to our manager this morning and the label that will be distributing our single is interested in passing up the maxi single and going straight for a whole album, so basically a record deal. there is a lot of frustration going on right now for sagz and sos, so sagz won't have much time to update this site, but if i find time i will add a new tutorial here in there, i was thinking about making the tutorial section divided into a couple sections, for mixing, then one for say demo's. i don't know i'll think about it. but we're cought in the mix of this music shit, it is mad frustrating. but rest assure i won't forget about the site.


added a new mixing tutorial late last night. we have 2 new songs waiting approval on mp3.com (a total of 3 songs waitng approval) so as soon as those get uploaded. i may link them on here so yall can hear how my quality is coming out with my mixing techniques.


ok i got 3 or 4 new tutorials up on the site, umm i finished the software page, the hardware page is the only thing i gotta work on, and for those of you that don't see the images, don't worry i am on it. please email me and tell me what you think of the site cuz i ain't doing this shit for nothing. yikes my ass is killing me.


dear god i am done for the night, it is 12:10 in the morning, and i completed our bio, and three tutorials. i'm done for the night, there will definitly be more shit to come tommorrow.


i am in the makes of the new site, it is taking quiet a bit longer than anticipated, but i think it will look nice, conservative, yet nice. lol. umm i'm not going to write any tutorials tonight, but expect some tommorrow, atleast one. i will have the "mp3", "links", and "contact" ready when i put this site up. it should be fun to see how it is all working out. and get some feedback goin as well with our guestbook on what yall think. i'm not an html expert, matter of fact this is my first published site. so yall gotta give me some feedback, i am using dreamweaver. 0ne-sagz

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