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lyrical content. it is a way of expressing yourself, ideas, and feelings. and everyone wants something now a days. they all want something with punchlines and funny battling type lyrics. which is very challenging to do. you have to be creative and innovative. i've heard alot of cats ask "whats the best way to make a punchline". fact of the matter is there is no easy way out of it. for punchlines to come natural you have to be a witty person. otherwise it will take a minute to be good and comfortable with punchlines. but alot of people don't see there is alot other shit then just punchlines that will make your lyrics so much better. similies and metaphors, rhyme schemes, adlibs, all of those combined can be a deadly combination.

i will be explaining a couple tips on some basic lyrcal setups. now realize you have your own style, i can't sit here and say "do this cuz this is what i do" cuz you gotta be yourself to be a good emcee. you don't wanna be a mold off of someone elses thoughts. so do not change everything and get flustered if you ain't good at it, cuz if you try to change your way of rapping,,, it won't work cuz you can only do you and that is it.


these are by far evreyone's favorite part of lyrics. they can be mad witty and funny. a punchline can be executed several different ways. and all those ways i can't explain cuz you gotta be the creative one. a punchline is a metaphor or diss that is meant to embarass and emcee your battling, or to make the listener laugh in a song. but these are like the powerhouses of rapping. and if executed swiftly and smoothly as possible they will make your lyrics stand out alot more.

a way i found of creating a punchline a little bit easier is by moving backwords. find the word you are trying to rhyme such as ... fuck 'banana'. and say... ehh 'santana.. alright you already got your opening line like:

"cats mad fruity i'm peelin his skin like a banana"//

right there is kind of a weak punchline, but will set it up for a bigtime punch. so you got santana in mind.. think of something santana does or relates to, plays the guitar, he was famous in the 70's, came back in the 90's, he had alot of other people feature on his self titled cd, while he just played the guitar.. lol there are tons of shit, just find something that relates with your topic, make kind of a mental list in your head of all the relating shit to the object of the punchline. it shouldn't be too hard but the more out there you can get, with something people don't think about to often will really catch em off guard and will get em good. so pick something and kinda relay the execution in your head.. after you have it good to flow with your verse and all lay it down. here is what i came up with

"you should quit - if you come back you prolly gonna keep quiet like santana"//

that is just an example. so don't start emailing me telling me the punch was wack. lol anyways its all executed smoothly with a flow. lets reveiw that:

opening liner>find rhyme>start backwords>mental list of relative shit>and execute.

punches should almost be easy to grasp. atleast the big timers, the best punches are should be put kind of easy but still hit hard. if you come off on a diss explaining the theory of relativity and what your opponent hasn't done for it in mathimatical terms then it will take forever to catch it. this is how alot of the best do it such as bux. they get a couple of easy to grasp punches that hit very hard, and put some in there that you might have to think about and laugh about later. that is the best way to do it. those quick and funny one liners will get it moving quick.

the easiest way for me to make a punch though is to freestyle about my opponent and alot of punches will come out of that. they won't be as complicated but they will hit hard. just remember some of your lines while you free'n.

also if you call your opponent a bitch or something easy like that try to really emphasize that. almost delay it a lil bit in your flow. and say the 'B' nice and loud.

wordplay (metaphors and similies):

this can be difficult for some but it is actually pretty easy. it really consists of re-wording something basic. but more graphically and visually. i think the illest wordplayer is deacon the villian. if you listen to his track 'blood on the moon' there is some ill ass wordplay and dope metaphors.

i am good with wordplay if i get in the mood. like if i get into a fight with someone over yahoo messager or aim. that is where i can blow the other cat away. all i do is put a bunch of words together and use it towards a diss. i know it is tough for alot of cats, but i am an artistic person, and have a very good visual mind, if you ain't good at art i don't know if you are good or not at wordplay, but i comes easy to me cuz i just think of sick disgusting shit and put it into words.. like my all time fav was "prostate pretzle" or "regurgitated cum bubble". i also am good with wordplay in a positive sense too like a poem i wrote went like this i can't remember it all but i rember these lines. "... (something something) beatleguise is growing/ black trees shaky knees, purple rivers flowin" which has alot of symbolic metaphors for my life. (ie. purple rivers flowin - purple is supposed to be the color of heart, and rivers flowing means by blood is thick with my love all kinds of elements, in together it is a metaphor of sayin i have alotta of heart for what i do).

i would recommend to visualize what is going on and describe it with being as metaphoric and intellectual as possible.

it is tough to describe how to do wordplay cuz it comes naturally for me. but i hope i helped on that subject matter.


multis are tough. very tough. but you devolop them after a while, shit it took me 2 years to grasp the concept. and i recommend if you wanna improve you better write alot. and get a feel for your vocab. because you can't just sit down and say im going to write a flow with nothing but multi's if you aren't very good at them in the first place. multi's are like taking a word and disecting it and rhyming each syllable of the word. and its really not tough if you don't really emphasize too much on it, cuz it does just come to you after a while. it comes down to the flow as well. you gotta have a good flow to line up the multis so they noticable.

a good example of a multi user is warbux. he is amazing, and not many people see his multi's or don't give him props for it. but his multis really revolve around the structure of the flow, and that is how it is for alot of people that can use multi's.

i'd say be creative with your multis. and flex your vocab a lil bit. and don't worry if you multi's don't come to you. they are for some people and aren't for some people. so don't hold up your flow just cuz you can't get a multi out. cuz it is no big deal, multi's are kinda like the icing on the cake.

i hope i helped with your lyrical content. and i think you could get some help even textcee'n for a lil while. i mean sure it ain't much fun, but alot of textcee's are good with help in that area. just listen to all critiques and further it more by asking how to improve. cuz like i said, writing is your #1 line of improvment.



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