live performances 3.04.02

whats your first reaction when you gotta stand up infront of a classroom-full and babble on about photosynthisis? your prolly pretty damn nervous, and afraid of rejection. stage fright is amongst the most horrifying feeling you will get being an emcee. so what do you got to do to correct this. do the same shit as you would do in the studio. relax.

if you have confidence enough in your skills, then you shouldn't be worried about rejection. because 99.999999999999999999999% of the time the crowd will be straight putty in your hands. remember they are there to see you, you don't have anything to lose. and when your nervous none of this comes to your mind, your focused on the "what if's" and you don't want that. best way to get your mind off the what ifs is do something rediculous... seriously, do some cartwheels, jumping jacks, play some basket ball. anything that will get your mind focused on something else. your always gonna have that same feeling that you will be rejected and it shouldn't happen.

you should stay calm, and i recommend not taking any mind altering substances. such as weed, or alcohal, you gotta be able to do your thing without being paranoid, or tipsy. when your doing your performance, you gotta make an entrance that will stand out beyond just walking up there. the more positive reaction you give, and the more positive reaction you get. so if you go up there jumpin around and giving shots to the city such as "WHAT THE FUCK IS UP SO and SO!" then the crowd is gonna get mad hype. they gonna be ready for something out of this world. maybe point out a few cats in the crowd and ask em wuddup. say something to the ladies as well. make complete eye contact to the crowd. its all almost like a chain reaction... you make eye contact, one person almost feels a connection > gets hype > crowd gets hype.

rehearse all your shit a month or two before you go out there, especially if you are with a group make sure they know they lines and que's. whether they wanna practice or not, if you gonna rock it properly you better be in sync with everything.

another good tip is do some freestyles. if you can't freestyle worth a shit, improvise with a freestyle mixed with a track ain't no one heard before. i know it sounds like a bitch move, but a freestyle session will help you stand out. especially if you can freestyle. if you ain't to great you better get to practicing with my tutorial on freestyling tips.

after all is said and done throw out flyers, cds, shirts whatever to get you promoted. cuz i've went to alot of concerts where there was tha phattest shit goin on, and afterwards i didn't remember who it was. so keep that in mind. maybe have a street cru handing out stickers and flyers before when everyone is waiting in line.

just keep it cool, and you should be straight. there is also a good tutorial in at, it is in my links section.

and most important!!!!! HAVE FUN !!! it shouldn't be a task or chore, remember the crowd actually paid to hear you.

oh yeah and good practice for spitting live is freestyle at parties, where alot of people you don't know will be hearing you. see how you end up after that.



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