shopping your demo - 3.02.02

so you wanna shop your demo in hopes of a record deal ehh? well chances are slim, verrrry slim that the a&r will even see you demo. but it is really about 3 things - 1.) is it appealing to the eye? 2.) is it professional looking and sounding? 3.)do you have connections?

here are some ideas you might want to consider before sending away that shiny green cd-r.

before you think about even burning it, make sure it is mastered and recorded perfectly. exactly how you and the customer would want it to be. if it is good, cuz an a&r will not wanna deal with some garbage souding audio. if you show him you actually are putting effort into your music by having it professional sounding then that will up the brownie points alot. people say that they don't care how the quality sounds cuz they understand you prolly can't afford expensive equipment. but $$$=dedication period and point blank.

after you get em burned and all that, make sure to include several things. such as contact info (your name, number, address, email address, website [if you have one], work number. etc). also write on it the tracks and the numbers of the tracks (1.) track 1 (2.) track 2, etc. maybe write a lil note stating your aspirations of being a rap artist. a lil bit about yourself. but not too much, the a&r has a busy day and don't wanna read about how your girl got pregnant by your cousin, and ran away with all your belongings.

next get a cover on the cd, something eyegasmic, and eye catching. something that would make someone look twice at a cd cover. don't do nothing half assed, cuz beyond belief, 99% of people judge a book by its cover.

and on the backside of the cover put a pic of yourself, a good face close up. they wanna know who they are signing. if you look like sloth off the goonies, then one you got problems, and 2 that is what the a&r will think. i recommend getting some professional photography anywhere, i think wal mart even does em.

if you have ever been on the radio, see if you can get some quotes from the station stating that you were on the radio on each date they played you and at what times. and include that with the cd.

then i think your ready for the first thing they are gonna see, the envolope. i would say goto somewhere like kinko's or copycat and have them print you out an envelope with the cover of your cd on it. just try to make it so the envelope is hardly showing.

here comes the sly part most people don't think about, and i wouldn't have either if i wouldn't of saw this on, make it so the envelope is very easy to open... i'm talking with the flick of a wrist. an a&r don't wanna have to even move his wrist to grab his 24k gold letter opener with the rubber easy grip. if he thinks it is taking to much time to open an evelope, what does he care, he'll toss it right in the garbage.

you have to realize an a&r prolly see's around 500 cds a day each hoping to get played, and he prolly plays about 10 a weak. so don't be mad if you don't get played, or you don't get a response. because chances are they just lost potential money, what are you losing? nothing but about $10, who cares? keep shopping around.

and your best chances of him even getting to play it in his $50,000 cd player is probably go up there yourself and knock on his door. call before hand, and see if you can't arrange a meeting with him. if they hang up, keep bugging em. the music industry is a job, just like flipping burgers, and you want a job? your gonna be persistant and patient. patience is a virtue!

what are you waiting for, start shopping biatchez!!



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