ehh damn you all i figure, fuck it i might as well put a hardware page on here considering i promised it. well for now i'm just going to put up some pics of my hardware i use. and later on i will put a few suggestions on here. and a tutorial or two about it. so here goes... the links may not work but they should!!

Boss BR-532 4 channel digital mixer - this is a fun little peice, powerful, yet conservative, it is mainly for the artist on the go, but it can be used by the not so deep pocket producers such as ourselves. this peice right here cost us... umm i believe it was $300, and that is prolly the lowest i've seen, we copped it at mars music. we are still trying to figure this bad daddy out all the way but we have progressed with it. and it is mos def a powerful little machine, and don't be fooled by the 4 channels, there are 32 seperat "V-Tracks" (virtual tracks). it is all digi baby. haha.

ElectroVoice Cobalt 7 - this is our mic, a very nice mic under $100, our next mic purchase we are looking at a rode nt1 or some type of akg condensor mic, but this is too hold us off until then, it still has beautiful quality. very clean and clear. i really like this mic, this puppy ran us $60, the stand was like $20, the cable $20, and pop filter $25, so it didn't run us much to have a fully functional mic.

Roland Mc307 - this is a REALLY fun machine, it is our beat station. we are however going to (in the future, no time soon) purchase a keyboard such as a korg triton or sumpin like that. and the mc307 being midi slaved as a drum machine. but for now i can pump out all kinds of cool shit. i love this damn thing! cost me not a damn thing, my homeboy generously donated it for our needs! i am in mad debt to him now. but i think it ran him bout $700.

Boss Dr. Sample 303 - this is for my beat machine. it is for basically what is says, sampling. i make a sequence, put it on the sampler, and i can control it through midi in sequnce with a beat i got on the 307. plus i use this once and a while to tweak our vocals, for effects, or for basic eqing. but all effects on this are very professional and i am in love with this peice as well. it is fun to mess around with mos def! this was also my boy's so i didn't cost me nuffin, it ran him i think around $300, plus for an extended smartmedia card was like $80.

i mean overall i we have about $1600 - $1700 worth of equip right here, but didn't cost us much.

in the near future (this summer) i am planning on purchasing a delta 66 setup for my soundcard as well. it will be mad ill. also a new mic like i said. something clean, i'm looking around still and doing my research. if you know someone with a hook up on a sm58 or quality mic, or delta 66 hit me up, cuz i'm interested in purchasing. ummm what else. its all downhill after the summer though (imma be banking come summertime). so yup.

oh yeah if you would like to submit your studio with specs. hit me up! i will gladly post that shit on here! for sure! even your computer setup (not software, but like mic, soundcard, preamp, whatever). and beatmakers too!

i promise to put some other shit on here soon, i just wanted to get this bitch out of the damn way!!



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