http://sagz.dmusic.com - my newest music site.. has all my new stuff on there. if you think your ready ... come join the darkside.

www.rapmusic.com - excellent forums, providing the emcee the necessary critism. you will gain alot of talent while you are here. just beware of the dickriders!

caphiene0.tripod.com - very nice vocal editing process, if your vocals don't sound good raw acapella, do this and i gurantee they will sound very nice!

www.sonicspot.com - plenty of useful information! loads of software, tons of tutorials and help, plugins, the whole nine yards! very cool site!

http://www.voicelesson.com/free.htm - free voice lessons? sounds good to me, especially to the cats that either yell, or they have a hard time breathing, this is the site for you!!

newbies need help? - originally posted by da caeser

if you would like your site linked, contact me


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