importing from hardware - 3.06.02

i know you may be confused on this matter, i know i was a long time ago. but luckily when i figured it out, i wrote a quick tutorial on it in it covers connecting any type of hardware (keyboard, beatmachine, sampler, mixer, etc) and either importing to a computer, or exporting from a computer onto say a sampler. here it is.

alright, i remember when i started using hardware and shit. and i know peeps used to alwayz ask this question so here it is...

"How do i put what is on my hardware onto my computer"

this is actually very easy to do. and it has (beyond several beliefs) nothing to do with midi. midi is a control for your hardware so you can control one piece of hardware with say, a keyboard. so it isn't what you have to worry about.

first thing you should know when using hardware is about the the RCA in/outputs. and i'm guessing you know about all of that, if not then you must not listen to your shit with a stereo.

ANYWAYZ. first thing you need is a special RCA cable. it has the red and white plugs on one end. and on the other end of the cable it should have a 1/8" inch plug, such as the plug on the end of your computer speakers.

plug in your rca cable and plug the 1/8 inch plug into you "line in" socket on your soundcard.

now before we get into putting it on your computer make sure you line recording volume is all the way up. goto the windows sound mixer (the speaker in the bottom right hand corner of your comp). then goto options>properties. now click on where it says "recording" and click ok. now make sure "line" is selected and the volume is all the way up.

now go into cool edit, or what ever program you choose.

make it so the recording will be stereo (rather than mono).

ok you should be set. now hit record. and as soon as you hit record hit play on your peice of hardware. (or if you use a mixer and turntables, commense the scratching)[whatever you do to make sound come out]. make sure you get everything you want on the record session

hit stop, and there you go. it should have everything on there.

i recommend doing all your EQing and filtering on you peice of hardware rather than cool edit. i feel cool edit kinda takes the authenticity out of the file. but its your call

hope i helped anyone in need



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